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ID Cards
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ID Cards

Laminated Identification card for that extra protections.

Every Mom and Dad can carry their childs ID with them in your wallet, so you always have one available. Get extras for the grandparents, sitter, aunts, uncles, etc.

You never know when you might need help to locate your child, Whether it be at the mall shopping, school, events, beach, before you panic remember you have that ID Card to help assist you in locating the child. Turning the card over to the manager of mall or police officer will help expedite the process of locating your child faster.

Great for older people who may become confused and or lost.

They are laminated to keep clean and strong for long use. We suggest updating every year, due to change in childrens looks, weight, height.

We been around since 1996 working with schools, and parents in offering full protection of your children.

If you like additional information printed instead of a picture please let us know.

We can design our ID's to your request.

For picture to be placed on the card, please send a digital picture to the email below and be sure and put the name of person ordering and number.

Identification Card

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Item Number: 20122
Price: $10.00

Item Options:
Type of ID:
1. Name:
2. DOB:
3. Eyes:
4. Hair:
5. Height:
6. Weight:
7. Parent Name/Address:
8 Phone:
9. Special Info (no picture):

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